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About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle and I would love to be
your  go to esthetician!

I am a licensed esthetician and certified in many different areas.
I have a passion for holistic skincare therapy and work with clients to build a customized skin care treatment plan to cleanse impurities, improve capillary flow and increase the skin’s protective barrier function, allowing better moisture retention and protection from environmental stresses.

I will help you create a self-care regimen to make you feel beautiful and relaxed
after each treatment and be able to take the feeling home with you.

  I prefer simple and natural treatments that build and replenish healthy cells
rather than popular therapies that tear skin down and put it in repair mode.

I strive for continued education in the field and attend workshops in my spare time.  
I came from a science and teaching background before going into esthetics.
I wanted to improve the needs of my own skin and of my family and friends.

I can help you understand your skin conditions, their root causes
and different ways to treat them using natural/organic therapies
as well as my favorite professional product.. .

Other than being an esthetician,
private/in home teacher and book consultant,
I am a mother to my wonderful daughter and soon to be son.

I love to dance, paint, play tennis and read to my litte girl.
(when not reading up on something skincare related!),

Intersted in children's books?  Check out the books I love:


Types Of Services

for Both Men & Women 

Pay as you go  for Facial & Body Waxing
or buy a Wax/Lash package and save!

Bridal and Photoshoot Make Up
Makeup Lessons


What Customers Say

about their scheduled appointments

  1. Going in for a facial is so relaxing and it's also great for my skin. Sometimes I'll talk and just have a great listener and other times I get to doze off and take that much needed nap in the mid of the day. It's not just for the skin, but calming for the mind and body too.
    Patty D.
  2. Glad I found Michelle to help with my skin condition, as my previous esthetician had retired after 10 years. She's professional, detailed oriented, has good infection control techniques, personable, friendly, not patronizing, and offered expert advice with the freedom to choose whether it was followed or not. She is exceptional.
    Leonard W.
  3. Now my chest is hair-free! I feel a lot more confident.
    Paul C.
  4. If you are looking for perfection with your lash extensions, then she is your answer! She does an amazing job in delivering excellent customer service with her attention to detail with your needs. Her warm and caring personality makes you feel right at home! Thank You for all that you do. I am in Love with my eye lashes each and every time❤ Michelle makes me feel beautiful inside and out.
    Jennifer F.
  5. Michelle really is the best and is such a great person. Have her as your esthetician and you will be lucky and happy.
    Jen Y.
  6. While she is an absolute professional, she is also a wonderful person. Her facials are fabulous and extremely relaxing. I always leave with skin feeling youthful and rejuvenated
    Christi M.
  7. I had a bikini wax for the first time and Michelle made me feel so comfortable with her communication and being very personable. I will be coming back for my next appointment.
    Ashley B.
  8. Had an incredible experience with the customized facial to fit the needs of my skin. Her waxing is also phenomenal! My eyebrows look incredible thanks to her!
    Mindy R.
  9. My girlfriend and sisters noticed the difference with my skin improvements. Have her suggest to you what products you need or don't need.
    Francis J.
  10. I am a woman in my 50's and have used many products throughout my life, but was bothered by the amount chemicals in these products. I have been searching for one with less chemicals and is anti-aging for a few years now and have finally found the perfect products.

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Hope to see you soon! -- Michelle